Gosford Masterplan

More than $1.5 billion in development applications have been lodged in Gosford during the last two years alone, including the $250 million Mariner’s Plaza and $300 million in waterfront developments. The Gosford Alive project is injecting $650 million into the city to create attractive urban spaces and mixed-use developments that will result in a vibrant new precinct in the Gosford CBD. Add to that a $368 million upgrade to the Gosford Hospital and the city is set to be the buzzing new heart of the Central Coast region.


The Waterfront

The Masterplan principles allow for continuous public access to the waterfront. The Waterfront will house retail, entertainment, offices and new waterfront apartments to create a vibrant and safe environment for all of Gosford. Buildings will be organised to minimise view loss from the city and a new public square that can host events will be located on the water. Direct access to the water will be allowed at controlled locations. Any development should maintain or enhance the natural environment.



The arts and entertainment precinct

The creation of “things to do in Gosford” is one of the key drivers of the masterplan. drawing people back to Gosford at night and on weekends will have immediate benefits both socially and economically. Through improved links between existing entertainment elements – Bluetongue Stadium, the central coast leagues club and Mann street restaurants – and the introduction of new elements, the arts and entertainment precinct will be created.


The railway precinct

The urban environment of Mann Street can be upgraded with better wider footpaths, more shade and improved amenity and safety. The upgrade of sewer and water mains within Mann Street and the installation of the Third Pipe for recycled water offer an opportunity for resource sharing during the street upgrade.

All information above has been provided by the RDACC. For more information and to see the full Masterplan for Gosford, visit http://www.rdacc.org.au/gosford_city_centre_masterplan